Dogs In Pools

Brooklyn Could Not Wait for Water

Brooklyn has no patience and gets in his empty dog pool to let us know that he is ready to swim!

Mister Jers Just Hanging Out

MisterJers is a five year old Havanese living in Toronto, Canada. Havanese are known to love the water and MisterJers is no exception. He loves his pool so much it even goes with him when he travels, one cool dog.

A Princess in the Pool!

Meesha was rescued 4.5 years ago. She is the princess of the family!! She is part Yorkie/part Pomeranian. She is 5 years old and yes that is her own personal pink float. We put it in the pool and she hops right on!!

Marley Cooling Off in the Dog Pool

Marley is an 8 month old Yellow Lab and lives in Middleton, South Australia.

Jax is Captain of the Dog Pool

Jax is a 5 year old rescue Westie Terrier Mix and lives in Northampton Pa. He Loves being the Captain.

Every Mastiff in the Pool!

First time Hugo, five month old English Mastiff, hits the dog pool in Texas City, Texas.

Chillin with Chester in His Dog Pool

Chester a three month old, (rescued) Lab mix enjoys his new pool.

Dixie Mae Splashing Around in Her Dog Pool

Dixie Mae is a 13 month old English Bulldog and lives in Dillon, Montana. As you can tell, she loves her dog pool.

Wiley the Husky Stay’n Cool

Wiley is a 2 year old Husky and lives in Marysville, Northern California. He practically lives in his dog pool.

Kosmo Loves to Swim in His Dog Pool!

2 ½ year old golden retriever, Kosmo loves to swim in his dog pool; Photo sent by Karen.

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